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Dant Powder Coating Inc. is a company that is highly recommended in the powder coating industry because of its most modern facilities which has enable them to deliver products of quality and durability.

The first stage of their washer is huge and it comprise of 30 risers on each side with spraying nozzles of 11 gallons of phosphate per minute by each nozzle. The first stage also involves the cleaning conversion coating step utilizing premium iron phosphate chemistry. This chemistry is comprised of a highly recommendable iron phosphate called chemcote 3026. The coatings developed by chemcote 3026 provide superior paint adhesion and corrosion resistance under today’s modern finishes also because of the size of the first stage of the washer there is a longer contact time on any products that goes through the cleaning / conversion coating process.

In addition, there are two huge rinse stages that result in products being rinse with fresh water at all times.

On the final rinse stage there is an addition of a highly reputable sealer called “Gardolene D6810” which will remove unreacted phosphate salts and leave the surface highly receptive to paint imparting superior corrosion resistance salt spray resistance and paint adhesion.

Once the cleaning process is over the product goes through a dry off oven at temperature of 300-375 degree Fahrenheit to remove any water get caught in any one tubing so that it will not interfere with curing.

The product is then being powder coated by a highly recommendable powder called sliptext which contains a very high ratio of Teflon. The slip text powder is a polyester version that is highly recommendable for any exterior use and gives you over 1000 hours of salt spray on bond right panel. At Dant powder coating any product that is coated with a slip text powder is being coated in excess of 4-5 mills of powder to prevent any sort of corrosion. The product is then being cured for over 20 minutes at a temperature of 300-700 degree Fahrenheit to prevent any chipping and scratching.



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