Let the numbers speak for us:



Maximum Part Length
3 (1)

5000 Lbs

Maximum Part Weight
1 (1)


Stock Colours to choose from for fast turnaround and a plethora of color options for unique and custom projects.


Custom Retail Shelving & Displays

Custom & Industrial Fencing

Fittings and fixtures

Metal appliances

Our Process


Before starting on any project or job we first work with customers to determine realistic turnaround times as well as pricing that works within their budget.


When items that are to be painted arrive at the facility, the quantity is double-checked to make sure we received all items. Items are also checked to ensure they are in prime condition for optimal powder coating.


We have a 4 stage stainless steel wash that ensures the surface of the material is prepped, cleaned and treated for optimal powder adhesion and durability.

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Once the cleaning and pretreatment processes have been completed the materials go through a dry-off oven at a temperature ranging from 300-375 degrees Fahrenheit to remove any water that can get caught in crevices or tubings so there is no interference with the curing process.


Materials then enter our stainless steel paint booth with a 44”x 82” opening complete with a recovery system and dust collector. In this stage, the powder is applied to the materials by our painters.


After the coating has been applied, materials then enter the 125 feet curing oven for over 20 minutes at a temperature ranging from 300-375 degrees Fahrenheit to prevent any chipping and scratching.


After materials are cured they are inspected by our Quality Control manager who then approves items to move on to the packaging stage. By ensuring materials are inspected prior to packaging, we can ensure powder is applied smoothly and evenly for a full coverage finish. Also, we can identify any issues that may arise before returning items to the customer.


Once items have passed the quality control check they are individually wrapped and packaged to avoid any scratches or rubbing of materials against each other. We also are equipped with a custom-designed sleeving machine that sleeves individual tubes and items that are prone to rubbing against other surfaces.